Histoire d’un chemin, chronique de violences policières

Sound installation
Text by Dimitri Alexakis – Voices by students from the Lyon Conservatoire

14 to 28 October – free admission – Festival tent, place des Célestins

Histoire d’un chemin follows the thoughts of Yánnis Mángos, father of Vassílios, an environmental activist killed by the Greek police during a demonstration in 2020. To pay tribute to his son, Yánnis has created a hiking trail. Like a fellow traveller, he guides us along the trail, talking about nature and the history of the landscape, but also fighting for justice for his son and for all victims of police violence.

Immersed in the soundscape of the path, the spectator follows the voices of students from the Lyon Conservatoire as they tell Yánnis’ story. The distant path becomes familiar, prompting us to reflect on those we have walked before. This sensitive approach tackles a topical issue: the criminalisation of those who are committed to preserving the Earth, and the urgency of the fight to preserve all living things.