La Langue des oiseaux

La Langue des Oiseaux is a European project, launched in March 2022, with the aim of encouraging cultural and political exchanges around the arts, particularly through theatre. The three participating European theatre organisations (Sens Interdits in France, Boat People Projekt in Germany and MALTE in Italy) share a common experience of research in the field of social theatre, with a particular focus on migration and the social and political issues associated with it.

During workshops held in each of the project’s partner countries, the participants were able to create while developing their linguistic and physical skills, as well as sharing their stories and experiences of migration. These workshops have produced a variety of media, including plays, podcasts and radio web series.

This edition of Sens Interdits will be an opportunity to present these works in progress, and to initiate debates and discussions around the experience of migration.

Mille e Uno, Tausend und Eine, Thousend and One” is the result of workshops organised as part of La Langue des oiseaux. The piece attempts to tell the story of the world from the point of view of birds reflecting on the consequences of human behaviour. This metaphor from the Thousand and One Nights tells the story of today’s migrations through the eyes of those who live them.

  • Novecentonovantanove e Mille
    Tuesday 17 October – 7pm – Goethe Institut – free admission
    Performance conference with Sonia Antinori and Andrea Caimmi
  • Mille e Uno, Tausend und Eine, Thousend and One
    Saturday 21 October – 6pm – Goethe Institut – free admission
    Performed by the project ambassadors