Lebanon: two artists, two perspectives

The Sens Interdits Festival invites you to discover a Lebanese show and film about a generation of artists in search of truth after the disaster of 2020 that plunged the country into distress.

  • The Night of the Glass of Water by Carlos Chahine
    The Lebanese director explores the fate of a woman subjected to patriarchy and traces the history of his country, which promised multi-faith harmony but has lost its way in the maze of religious conservatism.
  • Ordalie by Chrystèle Khodr
    Against the backdrop of Henrik Ibsen’s The Pretenders to the Crown, Chrystèle Khodr examines her own position and that of her generation in relation to the ruins and legacy of Lebanon’s war and history.
    19, 21 and 22 October at Les Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon