Cousu main / coups humains



Théâtre de Givors

20th october –

Comédie Odéon

22th october – 5pm30

Running time 1h

Tarif 2
Recommended for ages 15 and up

With Cousu Main, Jeanne Diama wages a fierce battle against the silence and oblivion of women victims of rape in wartime. The systematic use of rape and sexual violence against civilian women in Mali and other war zones is denounced through the testimony of two women, a mother and her daughter. Together, they recount the repeated rapes to which they were subjected by soldiers over several months, even when the daughter was only eight years old.

Their dialogue is based on a conflict: the daughter wants to leave these traumatic memories behind, while her mother dreads the solitude. Their words tell of the violence and the dwelling on the trauma, but also of the desire to move forward, in a movement to free speech on a taboo subject in Malian society and wherever women are targeted. Jeanne Diama wrote this text on the basis of testimonies gathered from women she met in associations working with victims. It highlights the need to tackle head-on a subject that affects all cultures: “fear must change sides”, and justice must be done.

© Christophe Pean 2022

Metteuse en scène Jeanne Diama Texte Jeanne Diama

Avec Assitan Tangara, Awa Diassana Costumes Ibrahim Bemba Kebe, Jeanne Diama Régie-Lumière Gaoussou Lamine Diallo Vidéo Fodé Traoré Scénographie Ibrahim Bemba Kebe

Production Anw Jigi Art avec le soutien du Dispositif des Mots à la scène de l’Institut Français de Paris et en partenariat avec Nova Villa Production déléguée Sens Interdits Avec le soutien de l’ONDA – Office National de Diffusion Artistique

Création Juin 2021
Résidence Bamako (Mali) et Nova Villa (Reims)