Tafé Fanga ? Le pouvoir du pagne ?



Ateliers Presqu’Île

15th, 16th and 17th october – 7.pm

Running time 1h15

Tarif 2
Recommended for ages 15 and up

Meetings with the artists after each performance

Four Malian women meet in a space outside time, outside the world. It’s an opportunity to get together, to talk about their lives but also their suffering in this parlour of colourful loincloths, a symbol of the female condition in Mali. The injunctions of society, daily violence, machismo, sexuality… People speak out. It’s an opportunity to laugh and make fun, but also to cry and speak out.

Above all, it’s about being together as women, finding collective solutions to find the path to emancipation and overcome the structural obstacles to socio-economic development. Their voices and bodies are united in words, songs and dances inspired by traditional Malian rituals. This play is based on real events and testimonies gathered by Jeanne Diama during meetings between artists and women from the neighbourhood where the Anw Jigi Art company is based, to collectively raise the question of power: who is given it, and why?

© Christophe Pean Photography

Autrice Jeanne Diama Avec un extrait de Marie Charlotte Siokos

Mise en scène et adaptation Assitan Tangara Avec Tassala Tata Bamouni, Awa Diassana, Niaka Sacko, Jeanne Diama Scénographie et Costumes Patrick Janvier assisté par Gaoussou Lamine Diallo Régie-Lumière et Son Gaoussou Lamine Diall assisté par Patrick Janvier Vidéo Clément Simon, montage Kassim Diallo Chorégraphie Djibril Ouattara

Musique Niacka Sacko et Lamine Soumano

Production Anw Jigi ART Coproduction Les francophonies des écritures à la scène avec le soutien du Dispositif des Mots à la scène de l’Institut Français de Paris Production déléguée Sens Interdits Avec le soutien de l’ONDA – Office National de Diffusion Artistique

Coréalisation Festival Sens Interdits et Théâtre Nouvelle Génération