Théâtre National Populaire

19th and 20th october – 8.30pm

Running time 1h20

Tarif 1
Recommended for ages 16 and up
Performance in Belarusian, Russian and Polish
Simultaneous translation into French

Meeting with the artists after the shows

1.80 m2: that’s the surface area of a Belarusian prison cell, where Lukashenko’s regime locks up its opponents. It is in this small space that the actors perform texts taken from testimonies and letters collected from Belarusian prisoners. For the most part, these are the last words spoken by the accused before they are sentenced, usually to heavy penalties.

Yet 1.8M is the hope of a politically committed young generation. They are fighting for the right to speak the truth without fear of repression, for freedom and against the subjugation into which politicians lock them. It also raises the question of the endless cycle of violence in the 21st century, when humanity has experienced so many traumas. Will this violence ever end? It is up to a new generation, bringing hope and new challenges, to provide the answer.

© Maurycy Stankiewicz

Mise en scène Ivan Viripaev

Avec Bartosz Bielenia, Ewelina Pankowska, Paweł Haradnitski, Palina Dabravolskaja, Igor Shugaleev, Palina Chabatarova, Oleg Garbuz, Walentina Sizonenko, Manon Gallet, Axel Ducret Costumes Maria Duda Vidéo, design graphique Sergey Shabohin Création décors Karolina Bramowicz Musique Jacek Jędrasik Consultant chorégraphe Paweł Sakowicz Traduction en polonais Agnieszka Sowińska, Joanna Bernatowicz Traduction en français Alice Syrakvash Assistant de mise en scene Rafał Pyka Photographie Alexandra Kononchenko Producteurs Marina Dashuk, Inna Kavaliona

Production WEDA project Coproducteur NOWY THEATR et Festival Sens Interdits Production déléguée espace francophone Festival Sens Interdits Avec le soutien du ministère de la Culture et du Patrimoine National de la République de Pologne et l’ONDA – Office National de Diffusion Artistique

Partenaire Fondation pour la solidarité internationale Coréalisation Festival Sens Interdits et Théâtre National Populaire