Antigone in the Amazon




Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon (Grande salle)

25th, 26th, 27th and 28th october –

Running time 1h45

Tarif 1,2 et 3
Recommended for ages 14 and up
Show in English, Portuguese and Tucano, with French subtitles

What happens when Antigone, a figure from Greek mythology, meets today’s Amazon, on the brink of collapse? Milo Rau revives Sophocles’ tragedy and transposes it into an allegory of the cultural war being waged in Brazil today, between a greedy and destructive system of exploitation and those fighting for the survival of their lands and cultures. Antigone, played by indigenous activist Kay Sara, is surrounded by a chorus of activists from the Landless Peasants collective, who are fighting for agrarian reform and respect for exploited land in Brazil. Thebes blends into the bloodless landscape of the state of Pará, where the Brazilian jungle is disintegrating, despoiled by the largest agri-food industry groups.

By bringing together activists from different backgrounds and collectives, Antigone in the Amazon establishes a genuine collaboration, as much political as artistic, around a common struggle to preserve the Amazon and, more broadly, the Earth. This latest work by Milo Rau completes his ‘Trilogy of Antiquity’, preceded by Orestes in Mosul (Sens Interdits 2019) and The New Gospel.


Texte et mise en scène Milo Rau

Avec Frederico Araujo, Sara De Bosschere, Arne De Tremerie, Kay Sara Costumes Anton Lukas, An De Mol Lumière Dennis Diels Vidéo Moritz von Dunger Musique Elisabeth de Loore, Pablo Casella Dramaturgie Giacomo Bisordi Collaboration à la dramaturgie Douglas Estevam, Martha Kiss Perrone, Kaatje De Geest Musique Elia Rediger Scénographie Anton Lukas Assistanat à la mise en scène Katelijne Laevens

Production NTGent, IIPM – The International Institute of Political Murder Coproduction Romaeuropa Festival, Manchester International Festival, La Villette, TANDEM – Scène nationale, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm – Frankfurt, Équinoxe – Scène nationale de Châteauroux, Festival de Vienne Avec le soutien de Goethe Institut – Saõ Paulo, Programme Coincidencia – Échanges culturels Suisse-Amérique du Sud, Kulturaustausch, The Belgian

Création 13 mai 2023 au NTGent
En collaboration avec Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra